Progressive Achievers Inc.

Progressive Achievers Inc. began its start in 1995, investing in Stocks and Mutual Funds. As the organization began to grow, fundraisers and community awareness began to take on a major role with it’s member.  Many of the members have supported organizations such as Children’s Miracle Network, the National Association of the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), The National Council of Negro Women, Breast Cancer Research and Literacy for Children. We look for ways to continually support these and other organizations. The success of the past endeavors of Progressive Achievers Inc. have driven the organization to pursue other areas of passionate interest, such as: Health and Fitness for Women and Young girls, Creating Continued Wealth for Women, Higher Education for Women and Children, Career Advancement, and becoming more Politically Involved in our communities.

Our platform has been to continue to research and look for innovative ways to help, as we strive for success in helping battered and abused women and children, creating areas for continued Aids and Breast Cancer Awareness, promote additional avenues to further advancement and importance of Higher Education for Women and Children, along with facilitating workshops in support of “Women of Power” and the “Leading Ladies” programs. However, we will not stop here…What is our Mission? “To create teams/chapters globally, that will work towards making a difference in the aforementioned areas, while being recognized for our continued persistence as we continue to strive towards excellence with the programs which we create. We are seeking to create a “National Buzz” which will be heard in each and every one of our communities as a National Movement has been formed!

Leading Ladies – Black Girl Chronicles

Walter O Krumbeigle Middle School Leading Ladies Graduation

Columbia High School Leading Ladies Graduation

Progressive Achievers Inc. Leading Ladies

Leading Ladies Bowling Fundraiser