Joi M. Stanley

Strategist, Motivational Speaker & Nonprofit Founder

Joi M. Stanley began her start in the fashion industry, for nearly 14 years, she held the position of President for Shades of Color Bridal and Formal Designs.  She had a strong interest in the mortgage industry where Joi spent 10 years as the Senior Regional Mortgage Manager for Bankers Mortgage; for the next 8 years she soared as Owner-Operator of First Equity Home Loans in the Retail Mortgage Business. 

Her passion for people and the desire to aid them in reaching their chosen goals, made it easy in 2006 to launch her women’s empowerment non-profit organization Progressive Achievers Inc.  Although she has completed several degrees from Rutgers University, her passion for seeing people happy was easy in her decision making, to leave the success of the banking industry.  January 2012, Joi joined “LOC SOC” as CEO, there she could do the work she so desperately loved, and invest more of herself into growing Progressive Achievers Inc.  It was during that time she saw the importance for women to be nurtured regularly, and began to see the same need in young girls.  In 2010, she formed “The Inspiring Young Mentors” and call her girls ages 9-17 “Leading Ladies”.

To date, Joi M. Stanley is busy in what she has a passion for, Inspiring, Educating and Motivating Women and Young Girls, and has added another nugget to her growing empire.  Joi has successfully created a weekly Being Your Best Monday Morning Motivational call, dubbed “Monday Morning Dose of Verbal Caffeine” and invites you to join the call every Monday Morning from 7:00 a.m. – 7:30 a.m. EST call-in 1-646-558-8656 or  1-408-638-0968 online via use meeting ID: 248 857 8534.

Joi remains dedicated in her mission and works tirelessly to accomplish the task of helping women and young girls to reach their goals.  Author Joi M. Stanley announced her first book titled BEING YOUR BEST your 52-week Journal of Self-Discovery released September 2017.

From high-powered corporate executives to small business owners, Joi M. Stanley will ignites your passion to up-level your business and use research-based techniques and tools to keep your business sprinting forward.

As a Executive Strategist and Business Development Strategist, Joi…

  • Conducts a needs assessment for every client.
  • Determines where your business should be headed.
  • And creates an action plan for you to get your business moving forward.

As a Self-Discovery Strategist and Motivational Speaker, Joi …

  • Helps women shift their mindsets from fear to fierce.
  • Enables you to let go of any fear that holds you back. “Releasing the Pause”
  • And empowers you to rise from confidence-crushing ashes and create a life you never thought was possible.

Joi M. Stanley’s mission is to Empower, Educate, and Motivate women who aspire to reach higher levels in life, relationships, health & wealth. Joi’s process fosters an environment of ownership, reliability & trust. She shows you how to take responsibility for who you are and what you hope to accomplish in your life & business.



Release the Pause Button” empowers women, through the power of Self-Discovery, to never put their lives on hold because of fear or lack of self-esteem.

The Big Ask” motivates women to unleash the power of asking for what they want.

What Do You Really Want” inspires women, through the power of focus and vision, to discover what they truly want.



Business Development Strategist: This is the Soup to Nuts program where I help entrepreneurs develop their roadmap destination success. I can coach them from the point of business planning to execution. Together, we create ways to build their business, and then, take their business to the next level.

Executive Development Strategist: This is a Sales and Marketing Program that is based on the needs assessment of the company. From the needs assessment, I deliver a team-building platform, motivation techniques, and sales & marketing tools for success.

Self-Discovery Strategist: As a Certified Professional, I have mastered the technique of helping women “Release the Pause Button” through the process of Self Discovery. As a Self-Discovery Strategist, I encourage my clients to understand the power of owning their shi…(stuff). Through this process, women will shift their mindset and begin creating lives that they never thought possible, because they put themselves on “Pause” due to fear, lack of esteem, negative association, etc.